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Hi everyone, Jen here! When I opened the october everyday life kit I have to say that gold "shine" transparency jumped out at me. Shine has been my chosen One Little Word for the past 2 years... although I have never really done much with the word in terms of the OLW projects I like to keep it in mind to help inspire and motivate me. So I just knew I had to do something special with that transparency. I had these fun floating frames I had ordered from West Elm years ago that I loved but just wasn't sure what to put in them...how fun are they together! It's now in a place that I see everyday and can remind me to keep shinning. 
That inspired me to play with this idea a bit more. Using the gold paper from the kit I cut out this great quote I found in the shilouete shop about family stories. I am in the process of gathering black and white photos of my family to create a family history wall and so I thought this would be the perfect quote to go on the wall with them. After cutting it out, I stuck the negative down on the glass to use as a template to make sure that everything was stuck down straight. 
Once you peel away the negative space your left with a fun floating quote. 
I apologize for the photos. Here in Hong Kong we have cement walls and so hammer drills and a lot of dust are needed to hang anything around here.. something I wasn't keen on doing this weekend.. hence I am holding the frames up ha ha. Once I have gathered more frames and photos operation noisy hammer drill will do its thing.

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Hey everyone! Jen here sharing a pocket page layout I made for a travel album I have been working on. After our trip to Europe in summer 2013 I have struggled with how I wanted to document the trip and so it kept being put off. Since I had randomly done some 8.5x11 layouts throughout the year using my favourite photos from this trip.. I decided that my original plan of a 6x8 album just wouldn't work for me, but 12x12 was just too much space and album... so 9x12 won. I ended up cutting down a 12x12 Project Life page protector and sewing up the open edges. 
Jen Ritchie for Paper Camellia October Kit
I am very guilty of being an extreme ephemera collector and hoarder when it comes to travelling.. however I often forget to use it when actually making my albums. I have made using ephemera one of my goals for this albums and so I have cut down a paper bag from a shop in Germany bringing that traditional Bavarian feeling to the page. The bold colours and graphic font of the the October Everday Life kit went perfect with the photos and the bright blue of the bag. I also love using words or phrases that we learned as titles, so I created a simple card using a phrase we used often "prost" which means "cheers" in German.  
What do you love to use in your travel albums? Are you good at using your ephemera that you collected on your travels or does it sit in a shoebox like mine does? 

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Good Times

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Ni Hao everyone! Jen here sharing a layout I made with September's Everyday Life kit. You know when you have a layout  in your head and for some reason the stars won't align and you just can't seem to get that layout to come together like you imagined. This was one of those layouts for me. Actually I did have the layout just how I wanted it but right at the last moment I spilt ink on it. Right in the middle of my favourite card from this month's kit, the "good times" card. Not thinking, I then tried to wipe it off... EPIC MESS!! So it was a make it work moment.  I do really love the end result but am still haunted by it's ghost of what I wanted it to be.

What do you do when your layout takes a turn you weren't planning? Do you often end up with happy accidents?

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This is...

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Hey everyone! Jen, here to share the layout I created using August's Everyday Life kit. I love looking for inspiration for layouts in project life cards. They are always a fab way to add a title to a layout without having to mess with alpha stickers... cuz lets be honest finding the perfect font for my layout then realising I don't have the right letters left happens way too often to me. Using cards takes the thinking and guess work out of the title and I can have a finished layout in just minutes. For this one I cut up a few different cards that were included in the kit. For the title I used one of the Echo Park capture life 4x6 cards. I loved the different fonts but it wasn't spaced out enough for me so I ended up fussy cutting it out then sticking it down. The layers at the bottom are made from cutting random patterns and bits from other cards in the kit. Don't be afraid to cut into those cards!

Thanks for visiting the blog today.

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Everyday Life with Jen Ritchie

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Hello everyone! Jen here today, sharing something I am really really excited about! When July's Everyday Life kit arrived something amazing happened to me... something I had been waiting to happen for nearly 3 years! I had the sudden inspiration and urge to get my wedding album done! It hadn't been completely unstarted... I had dabbled and done some 12x12 layouts and a few pocket pages here and there...but all months apart, with different materials, different inspirations and not giving any thought really on the larger picture of what it will all look like together in one album. When the July Everyday Life kit arrived I thought the colours would work wonderfully with some of my wedding photos.... and so, taking a look through what I had done so not to repeat a photo, I realised my wedding album was a nightmare for my OCD scrapping style! It was a mess! All different colours, all various styles... and none really representing my style that I love now. So I made the decision to restart! I have now made some style guidelines and a colour palette that I will follow closely.

My hope is that I can get at least one spread done every month.  I ended up mixing this month's Everyday Life kit with June's Scrapbooking Main and Everyday Life  kits and got working. 

This was the first time I mixed pocket pages with 12x12 layouts and loved how they turned out. It's a great way to highlight my favorite photos of the day!

Thank you for stoping by the blog today.


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Everyday Life kits & Traditional layouts

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Hi! Ria on the blog today with some fun traditional layouts using our Everyday Life pocket page kits. Our Everyday Life kits are packed with cards and embellishments, so it's very likely there are extra cards, pattern papers and embellishments to work with after you are done with several pocket pages.  The scale of the products in the pocket page kit make for some fast and easy traditional pages. Our design team created some great examples...

Here is a lovely layout by one of new design team members, Elizabeth Gardner. 

The 6x6 papers are a perfect scale for layering, and I just love the way 3x4 cards look as an embellishment on a 12x12 page. 

Another great take on a traditional layout using the Everyday Life pocket page kit. This one by Jen Ritchie has a clean and crisp look that draws you right in. 

Thanks for visiting the blog today!

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You are the Best!

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Hey everyone! It's Jen today, here on the blog for the first time! It was so exciting to get my first Paper Camellia kit. It was so full of goodies that the inspiration was endless. I received the Everyday Life kit but that didn't limit me to just creating pocket pages. Here are two cards I tossed together with bits that I had on my work table after creating my pocket pages.

Giving cards is always such a last minute thought for me and living in Hong Kong it's really hard to find one in English that is suitable for the occasion. Challenging myself to create cards with the bits and pieces on my table more often should help create a good stash!

Thanks for stopping by!

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