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Posted on October 30, 2014 by

Hi everyone, Jen here! When I opened the october everyday life kit I have to say that gold "shine" transparency jumped out at me. Shine has been my chosen One Little Word for the past 2 years... although I have never really done much with the word in terms of the OLW projects I like to keep it in mind to help inspire and motivate me. So I just knew I had to do something special with that transparency. I had these fun floating frames I had ordered from West Elm years ago that I loved but just wasn't sure what to put in them...how fun are they together! It's now in a place that I see everyday and can remind me to keep shinning. 
That inspired me to play with this idea a bit more. Using the gold paper from the kit I cut out this great quote I found in the shilouete shop about family stories. I am in the process of gathering black and white photos of my family to create a family history wall and so I thought this would be the perfect quote to go on the wall with them. After cutting it out, I stuck the negative down on the glass to use as a template to make sure that everything was stuck down straight. 
Once you peel away the negative space your left with a fun floating quote. 
I apologize for the photos. Here in Hong Kong we have cement walls and so hammer drills and a lot of dust are needed to hang anything around here.. something I wasn't keen on doing this weekend.. hence I am holding the frames up ha ha. Once I have gathered more frames and photos operation noisy hammer drill will do its thing.

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